Must-Have Accessories


So, you have the basketball hoop – now you need these accessories. Here’s a list of must-have basketball accessories we offer at Goalsetter. Not only are 100% of our basketball hoops made in the United States of America, but also 100% of our accessories are.

Collegiate Pole Pads – Show off your school spirit with a pole pad featuring your favorite NCAA basketball team. The Goalsetter three-sided, digital-printed pole pad displays your team’s authentic logo and colors in your driveway. Our collegiate pole pads are not only attractive but also increases safety. The pole pad is 1.5”-thick and made of high-density foam that provides the added protection your family needs. Our collegiate pole pads are available in various team designs and different color options.

Backboard Pads – Another stylish and safe addition that’s a must to add to your basketball hoop is Goalsetter’s backboard edge pad. Basketball backboard pads add protection for players during layups or when your hoop is lowered, and more contact is likely. The edge pads feature a tough, urethane skin that’s all-weather proof and designed to maintain their color for long-lasting durability. Backboard pads are available in all sizes – 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”.

Basketball – What’s a hoop without a ball? Our Goalsetter composite basketball has incredible durability for indoor and outdoor use. The deep-channel construction allows for better ball control. This is a regulation size ball for men’s basketball.

Pinlock – Want to prevent play when you’re away? Use the durable outdoor lock set to prevent unwanted basketball rim height adjustment. The keyed lock is compatible with all the Signature Series basketball hoops.

Custom-Fitted Pole Pads – Don’t have a college basketball team? Protect your players from serious injuries with our Goalsetter custom-fitted pole pad. This protective pole pad is a must-have for any 4”, 5”, and 6” square-pole basketball goals. The pad attaches to your hoop with four Velcro straps.

Yard Guard –Prevent your ball from bouncing off the court with our Yard Guard defense net system. This innovative accessory will change how you play basketball for years to come. By keeping ball from bouncing off the court, the Yard Guard adds safety to your basketball system, saving players from having to chase after them. When a player misses a shot, he or she usually must chase the ball, wasting valuable practice time. By using the Yard Guard, missed shots stay on the court, allowing players to quickly retrieve the ball and try again for maximum repetition. This accessory is NOT compatible with the Goalsetter Launch and Launch Pro hoops. 

LED Basketball Hoop Light - When a late afternoon game stretches into the evening or a morning practice begins before the sun, the LED Basketball Hoop Light helps maximize practice time. These powerful, long-lasting LED lights feature an innovative design that extends over the top of the basketball hoop and illuminates the backboard, rim, and court for increased safety while playing in the dark. The LED Hoop Light is NOT compatible with our Launch and Launch Pro In-Ground goals. 

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