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Although Goalsetter Systems are sold all over the world, its basketball goals and products are 100% American made in the state of Iowa. Goalsetter Basketball is the No. 1 basketball goal made in the United States of America. The brand, Goalsetter, has so many different and unique basketball goals as well as accessories that can accompany the hoop as well. 

The sport happened to be conceived in Springfield, Massachusetts, all the way back in the year 1892, the term “basket ball” was derived from a man named James Naismith, a Canadian YMCA instructor, seeking a wintertime activity for a group of young men to play inside. Originally being played with peach baskets as the original goals, the game of basketball quickly caught on and soon Naismith’s YMCA protégés carried multiple copies of his 13 rules which began spreading the movement of the sport throughout the years.

Basketball then began to flourish in certain Midwestern rural communities where schools were somewhat small and fielding a football team was very much out of the question, for now at least.


In the year of 1991, two basketball coaches in Pella, Iowa, dreamed of the many benefits of height-adjustable, regulation-size basketball hoops. Their vision became a reality when they began to collaborate with Dale Brand, the co-owner of Co-Line Welding, Inc., which is a metal fabrication company based in Iowa.

After 12 prototypes had been built in a shop in Pella, Iowa, Dale helped create the No. 13 hoop, which would later become the MVP Signature Series hoop. Ever since then, every single Goalsetter hoop has been produced at the Co-Line factory in rural Sully, Iowa, and are American made.

Co-Line completes every stage of the assembly process of  a Goalsetter basketball goal, all the way starting from the cutting, fabricating, and painting of the steel all the way to carefully aligning and pressing the glass backboard into place and welding each fixture to give the goal its final pristine look.

When you purchase a Goalsetter hoop, all of the people answering your customer service questions, designing our systems, working on the shop floor, and all of the shop personnel who cut, weld, and assemble each basketball system, happen to also be in the heartland of America. This integrated and trusted relationship enables Goalsetter systems to constantly want to update and improve their products in order to meet the needs of a specific Goalsetter consumer.

Feel free to watch this video in order to learn even more about the manufacturing process on how to create our American made Goalsetter basketball goals.

A fun fact about the brand: Goalsetter also happens to have basketball hoop dealers conveniently located all across the United States that are specifically and highly trained as well as committed to providing the absolute best customer service and basketball hoop installation for its consumers and supporters. 

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