Five Reasons Families Choose Goalsetter

Why should you consider a Goalsetter basketball hoop for your driveway? Here are five reasons families choose the best in basketball.

  1. Made in the USA– Although Goalsetter basketball hoops are sold around the world, all its products are 100% American made in the heartland of the United States. Every stage of the assembly process from the cutting, fabricating, and painting of the steel to carefully aligning and pressing the glass backboard into place to welding each fixture is done in Iowa. When you purchase a Goalsetter hoop, all the people answering your customer service questions, designing our systems, working on the shop floor, and the shop personnel who cut, weld, and assemble each basketball system are in the heartland of America. This integrated relationship enables Goalsetter systems to constantly update and improve its products to meet the needs of the consumer.


  1. goalsetter basketball hoop
    Height-Adjustable– Your hoop can grow as your future star does. Goalsetter’s Signature Series features an offset pole design and an internal compression height adjustment mechanism to raise and lower your basketball rim from 6’ to 10’. The Signature Series is the safest of any outdoor basketball hoop system.
  2. Unmatched Lifetime Warranty– At Goalsetter Systems, we embrace the belief that the quality of a product is much more than a collection of stand-alone features. True quality lies in the way we do business – from training our representatives to ensure product knowledge and customer satisfaction to proudly manufacturing out entire product line in the United States. Our goal is to provide you with a premium quality basketball goal to be enjoyed for years to come, allowing you to claim a unique pride in owning a Goalsetter system. So that’s why we back our products with unmatched warranties. Complete warranty information here.
  3. All Prices and Sizes– With Goalsetter, you can use your driveway, school, church, gym, city park, or any other location to enjoy basketball no matter how tall or short you are, young or old, beginner or experienced. Goalsetter is the No. 1 USA-made basketball hoop. We offer a wide array of sizes, prices, and features to meet the needs of every family, all of our basketball goals offer the same rock-solid performance. Featuring a lifetime warranty and perfect for children of all ages and sizes, our hoops are the perfect option.    
golasetter moveable goal
  1. Moves With You– Planning to move homes soon? Not a problem. Take your Goalsetter basketball hoop with you. Simply loosen the bolts holding the pole to the anchor. The anchor stays in the ground, and you can move the hoop to your new home. You’ll save money by purchasing a new anchor rather than a new goal and you’re ready to reinstall the hoop!

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