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Goalsetter in-ground basketball goals are the easiest to install residential goal system on the market. With its direct bury hinged anchor system it can be assembled on ground then stood up. It requires 1/3smaller hole for its anchor because of its strength versus J-bolt systems, which means 1/3 less concrete to mix also.  Installation charges for basketball goals vary depending on size and your location. 

In Ground Goals: Costs can range from $325 to $450. These prices assume no rock or hard surface is encountered during digging of hole. It would normally include hauling the dirt away. Extra charges may apply depending upon the work to be performed and travel distance. 

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Your Local Goalsetter Dealer

Your local Goalsetter dealer is a professional basketball hoop installer. Most dealers have installed hundreds of systems, and they are the professionals to trust with your in-ground basketball hoop.

A Goalsetter Dealer will generally have a standard installation cost that can be quoted to you. Find your local Goalsetter dealer.

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Goalsetter Systems provides the following list as reference of nationwide and regional installation companies that offer complete installation and assembly services. Goalsetter Systems does not endorse or recommend any specific company. All of the companies below have been used successfully by previous customers of Goalsetter Systems.

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Install Yourself

Goalsetter basketball goals are the easiest to install on the market. The exclusive hinged ground-anchor system of our in-ground hoops enables complete assembly of your basketball goal by 2-3 persons without ladders and a scaffold prior to raising it upright. Many customers will contact a local contractor or their local dealer to install their system, which you can find here. Or you can find information about installing each individual system by reviewing the product manual.

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Find detailed assembly instructions on our Product Manuals Page.
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