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Hoops Installation

Goalsetter in-ground basketball goals are the easiest to install residential goal system on the market. With the goal's direct bury hinged anchor system it can be assembled on the ground and then stood up afterwards. It requires a 1/3 smaller hole for its anchor because of its strength versus a J-bolt system, which means 1/3 less concrete to mix in also. Installation charges for basketball goals may vary depending on the size of the basketball goal and your specific location (depending on location, it may take longer to set up or may require more equipment). 

In Ground Goals: Costs for in-ground goals can often range from $325 to $450. These prices assume that no rock or hard surface is going to be encountered during digging the of the hole for the hoop. It also would normally include hauling the dirt away from the digging. There may be extra charges depending upon the work that is to be performed and the travel distance of the installers. 

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Your Local Goalsetter Dealer

Did you know that you have a professional hoop installer right near you? Well you do, and they're really convenient to find in order to help! Your local Goalsetter dealer is a professional basketball hoop installer. Most dealers tend to have installed hundreds of basketball goal systems if not more, and they are the professionals to trust with your in-ground basketball hoop set up.

A Goalsetter Dealer will generally have a standard installation cost that can be quoted to you before the time of service. Go ahead and find your local Goalsetter dealer!

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Hire Someone

Goalsetter Systems provide the following list as reference of nationwide and regional basketball goal installation companies that offer complete hoop installation and assembly services. However, Goalsetter Systems does not endorse or recommend any specific company for this. We do not assume any liability or risk for installations performed by any technician. All of the installers are independent contractors, and are not employed by Goalsetter Basketball.

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Install Yourself

Should I install my basketball goal myself? The decision is completely up to you, and it is possible! Goalsetter basketball goals are the easiest to install and assemble on the market. The exclusive hinged ground-anchor system of our in-ground hoops enables complete assembly of your basketball goal by two to three people without the use of a ladder or a scaffold prior to raising it upright. The patented ground anchor hinge system allows complete assembly of the Goalsetter goal before it is raised upright. 

The toughest task during the installation process of a Goalsetter goal is digging the hole it is placed in. Each basketball goal features our patented ground anchor. First, a four-foot deep hole (18 inches in diameter) must be dug where you would like your basketball goal located. After placing your ground anchor into the hole, fill it with QuickCrete (10-12 bags). When the cement is completely dry, which usually tends to be two days being the most sufficient), the pole structure, extension arms, and backboard can be assembled and raised upright. Many customers will contact a local contractor or their local dealer to install their basketball hoop system, which we also offer and you can find that here. Or you can also find information about installing each individual system by reviewing the product manual.

Product Manuals
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Basketball Parts

If you decide you want to install your Goalsetter basketball hoop yourself rather than have someone install the system for you, if you are moving homes, or maybe repairing your current basketball goal, Goalsetter offers replacement basketball parts as well as basketball installation accessories available for purchase online here. There are so many different items offered if something might happen to your basketball goal such as the backboard repair kit if needed along with many other things also like the basketball backboard pads. A lot of these products you might not even know are useful and needed until you really need them. They are reliable and trustworthy products to ensure you have a safe and pleasurable experience with using your Goalsetter basketball goal and supplies. 

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