It's time to upgrade your Goalsetter basketball hoop court with our extensive line of basketball accessories. In this section, you can find all of our Goalsetter accessories in one place. We'll break down each type of basketball accessory we offer. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or visit our FAQs.

At Goalsetter, we offer two different types of basketballs. The first is our indoor/outdoor composite basketball. We also offer a commemorative 30th anniversary basketball. Both of these basketball balls are 29.5" and are designed for males 13 years old and up. Safely secure your basketball so you are ready to play at any time with our basketball holder. This ball holder can be attached to your hoop, a wall, and more with the included adhesive strip or screws.

If you're looking to refurbish your basketball goal, check out our basketball rims, nets, crank handles, backboard adhesive kit, Goalsetter 12 oz. paint can, backboard repair kit, bird blockers, basketball hoop anchor hinge, and more.

We also carry basketball pole wraps for all sizes of basketball poles. Goalsetter carries both wrap around pole pads, custom fit pole pads, and collegiate basketball pole pads. Find your college team and show off your school spirit with one of our officially-licensed pole wraps! Basketball pole pads protect your player during aggressive play. Goalsetter also has four different colors and multiple sizes of backboard pads to protect your basketball player and backboard. Our Yard Guard also helps keeps players out of harm's way by preventing stray basketballs from rolling into the street and off the basketball court.

If you are traveling and are away from home or your commercial basketball courts are closed for a period of time, check out our rim blocker which prevents unwanted play. Our basketball hoop pinlock prevents unwanted rim height adjustments on Goalsetter's Signature Basketball Series goals.

We also offer different basketball training accessories including our baseball swing trainer or passback net! These two tools feature our Lock n' Rock Technology that allows them to mount to vertical square or round poles! Our Junior Hoop youth basketball goal also uses this technology to create a basketball court anywhere!