Tough is the only way we know how to build them. Goalsetter basketball hoop accessories, basketball rims, rim accessories, and basketballs are designed to protect your goal … and your players … for years. If you're looking to refurbish your existing basketball goal or add basketball goal accessories to your hoop, browse our selection here.

Let's break down the different types of basketball hoop accessories here. Goalsetter offers five different types of basketball rims including the HD Breakaway Rim, Collegiate Breakaway Rim, Double Static Rim, Single Static Rim, and the 180 Breakaway Rim. We also carry different basketballs such as our indoor/outdoor composite basketball and our 30th anniversary basketball ball. Easily store these basketballs with our basketball holder which can easily attach to your hoop or garage wall.

We offer a basketball hoop awning crank and crank handle to help actuate or raise and lower the basketball rim on your basketball hoop.

Protect your young players and your landscape by purchasing a Yard Guard rebounder net which helps keeps stray shoots from rolling into the street or behind the basketball hoop. Another safety feature loved by athletes and parents is our LED Basketball Hoop Light which illuminates the basketball court after dark so you can play after dark. You can also protect your basketball goal while you're traveling or away from home with our Rim Blocker.

We have everything you need to complete your basketball home court at Goalsetter. Please reach out to our customer service team if you need any help at all making your selections.