Goalsetter basketball backboard padding is made with the American-made quality you demand in outdoor basketball goal accessories. The result is backboard padding with exceptional strength and durability that continues performing, season after season, through all weather conditions. The backboard pads are available for all 48", 54", 60", and 72" backboard sizes and in four color options: black, blue, green, and red. You can also choose to purchase a universal backboard pad. If you need help buying a basketball backboard pad, read our blog on how to buy Goalsetter backboard pads.

Basketball pole padding and basketball backboard padding will protect your players while kicking up the style to your home court. The tri-fold design of our basketball pole pads fits snugly around three sides of your basketball goal for a custom-fitted appearance. Basketball backboard pads offer added protection for players during layups or when the basketball hoop is lowered and contact with the goal is more likely. The Universal Backboard Padding is made with pride in the United States, the Goalsetter Universal Basketball Backboard Padding fits all 54", 60" and 72" Goalsetter basketball hoops. The pro-style safety padding protects both players and the basketball goal during aggressive play. Easily install the padding to your Goalsetter basketball hoop in minutes. Made with weather-proof and long-lasting durability and a rugged poly material, this basketball hoop padding is built to withstand the toughest play.

Support your favorite NCAA basketball team on your home court with a Goalsetter custom-fitted pole pad. This three-sided, digital-printed pole pad featuring your team's authentic logo and colors will be the centerpiece of your driveway. This pole pad not only amps up school spirit, but also increases safety. The pole pad features 1.5"-thick, high-density foam for the added protection your family needs during aggressive play. The high impact closed-cell foam pad resists water absorption, and the durable vinyl exterior is fade-resistant to keep your pole pad looking good for years to come. Designed to fit 4", 5", and 6" poles, the pole protector fits snugly against your pole and stands 72" high. Easily and securely install the pad using four tight-fastening Velcro straps. This pole pad is available in various team designs and color options. Goalsetter – the best in basketball.

Goalsetter's basketball pole pads also help keep your players safe during aggressive play to avoid contact with the steel pole. We offer several different types of basketball pole pads including collegiate basketball pole pads, custom fit pole pads, wrap around pole pads, notched pole pads, and more. Athletes can play safer on their basketball court with pole pads and backboard pads. If you need help buying a basketball pole wrap, read our basketball hoop pole pad buying guide.

While Goalsetter offers plenty of basketball hoop pole pads, backboard pads, and even more accessories – we also have some of the best hoops on the market – and they are crafted right here in the heart of the USA. The hoops are height adjustable and perfect for all ages and sizes allowing room to grow with the players. Goalsetter Basketball is proud to have the number one American-made basketball hoop on the market.