When you are choosing among Goalsetter in-ground basketball hoops, you’re choosing from the safest, most durable, adjustable basketball systems in the industry. Made strong enough for outdoor residential and institutional play.

Goalsetter’s two pole types, three pole sizes, two backboard types, and four backboard sizes mean that there’s a Goalsetter combination that’s right for virtually everyone.


There are FIVE things to consider:

  1. A driveway with a 1, 2, or 3 car garage, or maybe a dedicated court?
    No matter where you are installing Goalsetter basketball hoop, the amount of play area will help determine which system will fit best in your area.
    The basic rule of thumb is: the larger your playing area, the larger the system can be, fitting your basketball court perfectly. Our three pole sizes: 6” x 6”, 5” x 5”, 4” x 4”.
    Our four backboard width sizes: 72”, 60”, 54”, and 48”. Knowing the size of your play area and using the following guidelines, you will be able to identify some possible goal alternatives.

    • Large, 3-car driveway or court – Consider a 6” x 6” or 5” x 5” pole with a 72” or 60” width backboard.
    • Smaller, 2-car driveway or court – Consider a 5” x 5” pole with 60” or 54” width backboard.
    • 1-car driveway or small court – Consider a 5” x 5” or 4” x 4” pole with a 54” or 48” width backboard.
  2. The skill level of the players who will be using the basketball hoop will determine the size of backboard you need for your system. No matter which Goalsetter backboard size you choose, the ball response will be “competition-grade” quality – the kind of ball response you can expect from an indoor arena at the high school or college level. Goalsetter uses “H-frame” backboard technology to provide precise and consistent ball response. In addition, the H-Frame delivers lifetime durability.
    Our backboard sizes: 42” x 72”, 38” x 60”, 36” x 54”, and 32” x 48”.
    Our backboard surfaces: Tempered Glass or Acrylic. Residential customers typically use tempered glass backboards, while acrylic is recommended for institutional/commercial installations. If you are a former player, a current player at any level, or just a serious basketball enthusiast, the 42” x 72” backboard is your best choice. It is the regulation size used in competition. This backboard size with the fully tempered glass board material will provide the “real feel” of indoor play, outdoors. 72” backboards are used on high school, college, and NBA courts. The most common backboard size for residential basketball hoop systems is the 38” x 60” backboard. It’s Goalsetter’s number one selling backboard size. It will stand-up to the wear and tear of the serious player, yet it is an ideal size for a young family and the recreational player of all ages. If you have a family with young players just learning the game of basketball, consider the 36” x 54” backboard. As your child’s skill level develops, they can advance to a larger system. The 54” backboard provides the same consistent ball response and durability as its big brothers, the 72” and 60”. The 32” x 48” backboard is the most economical way to get excellent Goalsetter quality in your driveway or backyard. It is for a family that plans to spend recreational time outdoors with their young children.
  3. How much a goal’s rim height can be adjusted is a key item to evaluate. With the rim at lower heights, younger children can experience the joy and happiness of making a basket while learning the proper way to shoot a basketball. Offset Pole – The SIGNATURE SERIES With Goalsetter’s exclusive offset pole design, the rim height can be adjusted from 6’ to 10’. The offset pole also enables the height adjustment mechanism (the patented Goalsetter Compression Jack) to be located inside the pole. The internal Compression Height Adjustment is unique to Goalsetter. Internal placement protects the mechanism from weather and vandalism, and eliminates exposed pinch and grab points, increasing the safety of the system. The adjustment handle is located 3’ off the ground for “doorknob height,” and is very user friendly for small children. Straight Pole – The EXTREME SERIES Goalsetter’s straight pole design, comparable to major competitors, can be adjusted from 6’ 8” to 10’. The durable height adjustment mechanism is attached to the outside of the pole. Goalsetter hardware is coated with Magni 577, a black, UV stable, zinc and aluminum rich finish used by automakers and NASA for products exposed to environmental extremes. The durable coating is completely chrome free, is protected from scrapes and surface nicks, and greatly extends the lifespan of steel hardware.
  4. The stability of a goal system starts from the foundation up with the one-of-a-kind Hinged Ground-Anchor. The Ground Anchor is made of 7-gauge (3/16” thick) structural steel which is embedded in concrete, providing a solid foundation to ensure superior performance and durability — a more solid foundation than competitive systems using 4, 18” j-bolts embedded in concrete. Goalsetter’s offset and straight pole designs are both made of square, 7-gauge (3/16” wall thickness) structural steel. A corrosion-resistant paint process of one primer coat and two coats of acrylic-enamel is applied to each system. The paint is oven-cured to ensure superior adhesion and a high-gloss “car like” finish. Nylon bushings are used at all pivot points to prevent steel-on-steel contact and avoid hole elongation, finish damage and rust. The combination of the Hinged Ground-Anchor, the heavy-gauge steel pole, and the corrosion resistant finish make every Goalsetter pole foundation and pole system more than durable enough for outdoor residential and institutional play. When considering a Goalsetter for an institutional setting, the pole size and board arm configuration must be a consideration when expecting the most aggressive use of a system. 
  5. 100% of Goalsetter basketball hoops are made in the U.S.A. Among Goalsetter’s 13 models, there’s a high-quality basketball system that will accommodate practically anyone’s budget who’s in the market for an outdoor basketball system. Pole and backboard sizes can be combined to achieve a functional and practical system that meet the different needs and objectives for families and athletes. Please browse our site to discover the system that’s right for you. And, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-467-1421 with any questions.

Perfect for all sizes and ages and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, families choose Goalsetter – the Best in Basketball. Choose the system right for you here.