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Goalsetter In Ground Basketball Goal - MVP 72 inch backboard - basketball hoops for sale - best basketball hoops best basketball hoop
72" Backboard
Starting at: $2,899.99
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Basketball Hoops on sale - Signature Basketball Goals Goalsetter All-American in ground basket ball hoops - 60 inch basketball hoop - best basketball hoop- basketball hoop for sale best basketball hoop
60" Backboard
$2,499.99 $2,599.99
Signature Series Basketball Hoops - Goalsetter Basketball Contender - in ground basketball goals - basketball sale - basketball system find a basketball hoop near me find a basketball hoop near me
54" Backboard
Starting at: $2,199.99
Goalsetter X560 basketball goal - Glass - HD Breakaway Rim_1
60" Backboard
Starting at: $2,199.99
Goalsetter Captain - Internal Glass - adjustable basketball goal - basketball goals for sale - adjustable height basketball hoop
60" Backboard
Starting at: $2,799.99
Goalsetter Basketball In Ground Hoop X672 extreme basketball hoops - 72 inch basketball hoop
72" Backboard
Starting at: $2,499.99
Goalsetter X660 extreme basketball goals - Glass - HD Breakaway Rim - best in ground basketball hoops
60" Backboard
Starting at: $2,399.99
Outdoor Basketball Hoop - Goalsetter All-Star adjustable basketball hoops - HD Breakaway Basketball Rim - 54 Inch Backboard - signature series basketball goals
54" Backboard
Starting at: $2,399.99
Goalsetter X554 in ground basketball hoop - Glass - Collegiate Breakaway Rim_1
54" Backboard
Starting at: $2,099.99
Goalsetter Basketball In Ground Hoop X454 - basket ball goal
54" Backboard
Starting at: $1,899.99
Goalsetter Basketball In Ground Hoop X448
48" Backboard
Starting at: $1,849.99
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Goalsetter launch basketball goal - adjustable Basketball Hoops- Launch Series Basketball Hoops - basket ball hoop
Launch Pro
72" Backboard
Starting at: $3,399.99
Goalsetter Launch Series basketball goals 60 - in the ground basketball hoop - adjustable basketball goals - outdoor basketball hoops
60" Backboard
Starting at: $3,199.99
Goalsetter Elite Series Basketball Goals - Elite basketball hoop - elite basketball goals for sale - elite basketball goal
Elite Plus
54" Backboard
Starting at: $1,449.99
Silverback Basketball NXT 54 Portable Hoop - portable basketball hoops - portable basketball backboards - best in ground basketball hoop
NXT 54 Portable
54" Backboard
$549.95 $649.95
Silverback NXT 50 portable basketball goals - basketball portable hoops - portable basketball rim
NXT 50 Portable
50" Backboard
$449.95 $549.95
Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops - Silverback NXT Fixed Height Wall Mounted hoops - indoor wall mounted basketball hoops   _1
NXT 54 Fixed Height Wall Mount
54" Backboard
$349.95 $449.95
Silverback Wall mount Basketball Hoops - 54" NXT_ indoor basketball hoops 1
NXT 54 Wall Mount
54" Backboard
$399.95 $499.95

Although Goalsetter basketball goals are sold around the world, our basketball goals are American made in the heartland of the United States. Every stage of the assembly process from the cutting, fabricating, and painting of the steel to carefully aligning and pressing the glass backboard into place to welding each fixture is done in Iowa.

When choosing a basketball goal for your home, school, church, or park, people select the #1 USA-made basketball court Goalsetter. The best in basketball goals achieves this rank with exclusive features and attributes including:

  • Internal Compression Basketball Rim Height Adjustment System
  • Tempered Glass Basketball Backboard
  • One-Piece Off-Set Structural Steel Pole
  • Hinged Ground Anchor
  • Consistent Overhang

Its our mission to sell and deliver premium quality basketball goals that will provide families with many years of enjoyment. We ensure customer satisfaction from beginning to end of the shopping process. Redefine your home basketball court with Goalsetter's superior basketball net features and our continuous improvement to the manufacturing process.

Our basketball goals are height adjustable making them perfect for all ages and sizes. Our basketball goals can easily move homes with you if you buy a new house. Simply take the basketball goal system with you and purchase a new in-ground basketball hoop anchor. The H-Frame Backboard Technology is an innovative design for precise and consistent ball response. The offset pole design is exclusive to Goalsetter and minimizes shake and reduces wear on system joints. Goalsetter also offers a limited lifetime warranty with quality construction for a lifetime of family enjoyment. Manufacturered in the heartland of the United States of America where quality is simply unmatched, Goalsetter Basketball is proud to be American-made.

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