Goalsetter Holiday Gift Ideas

One of the most stressful parts of the holidays is sharing your wish list while finding out what others want for Christmas at the same time. This year we’re making the holiday shopping season a little easier by creating a Goalsetter basketball gift guide. Whether you’re Black Friday shopping or last-minute Christmas Eve shopping, use this list all winter long.

In-Ground Basketball Hoop 

Did you know 100% of Goalsetter’s basketball hoops are made in the United States? That’s why we think this one deserves to be at the top of your list. Our favorite in-ground hoops include the MVP, All-American, and the Contender – all which have amazing Black Friday sales in late November and early December right here on goalsetter.com. Perfect for all ages and sizes and backed by a lifetime warranty, families choose Goalsetter basketball goals.

Collegiate Pole Pad

Who is your favorite college basketball team? Is it Duke? Maybe Kansas? What about Kentucky? It doesn’t matter who you like best – we’ve got you covered! Add your favorite college basketball team to a Goalsetter hoop with a collegiate pole pad or upload your own custom art for your high school team or any other team you wish! Goalsetter’s pole pads will keep the family safe while showing off your school spirit.

Anti-Whip Net 

Replace your old worn out or damaged net with a new Goalsetter Anti-Whip Net. This heavy-duty braided net prevents whipping up into the basketball goal. Goalsetter’s net is designed to withstand the outdoor elements all year long.


Tease what’s out in the driveway with one of our Goalsetter basketballs wrapped under the tree. The soft-touch composite cover makes the basketball feel great in your hands and features incredible durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

Custom Fitted or Wrap Around Basketball Pole Pads 

Does your basketball pole pad need to be replaced? Your Goalsetter basketball hoop deserves to be shown off with premium accessories. Shop our custom fitted or wrap around pole pads for serious protection for serious players.

Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop 

Short on space but still trying to hoop? No problem! Goalsetter’s wall-mounted basketball hoops mount to any wall outdoors or indoors and are perfect for garages, fitness centers, schools, camps, and more. Wall-mounted basketball goals offer the same top-of-the-line quality as an in-ground hoop just in a mountable version.

Still need more ideas? Visit goalsetter.com to view our entire lineup of basketball hoops and accessories!

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