Buying An Anchor for a Moved or Existing Basketball System

Anchor sizes for moved or existing Goalsetter basketball hoops depend on when the system was purchased. 

  • Find out when the system was purchased.
  • Anchor size will depend on when the system was purchased.
  • Orders prior to February 2004 will require the G2660 (6x^)
  • Confirm with the customer the plate size of the existing pole plate.
  • If the customer has an old 8"x10" pole plate you will always need a 6x6 ground anchor. Note: the old 8"x10" pole plate will match up with the new 6" anchor plates.
  • If ever in doubt, please reach out to Goalsetter's Customer Service team at 1-800-362-4625. 

To read and download the full ground anchor guide, view it online here.

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