REVIEW: All-American In-Ground Hoop Customer Testimonial

Here at Goalsetter, we strive to be the best in basketball. Hearing from those that use our basketball goals that they too, love and trust our goals, assures it. JeriKay Moujoodi, a blogger as well as a full-time mom and wife, writes about her family’s experience installing their in-ground basketball hoop. Her family purchased an All-American adjustable basketball goal. She shares the process of how simple the basketball hoop installation was as well as how excited her family was to have it installed.

“I grew up having a basketball goal so this brings back so many memories playing ‘HORSE’ & ‘PIG,’ so it is fun teaching my boys what those fun games are,” says JeriKay.

At Goalsetter Basketball, we love to create memories for families around the basketball court. Parents that have created memories in their own lives and childhoods that want to recreate those memories with their own children with our basketball goals.

JeriKay also shares helpful pictures of her and her family’s Goalsetter basketball hoop set-up process. She reiterated the quality of the All-American, 60-inch backboard, basketball hoop.

“The basketball goal is so heavy and will last forever,” she says. “The quality of the goal is nothing like I have seen before. Not to mention you can lower the goal for smaller kids and you can raise the goal up to 10 feet for adults!”

JeriKay and her family plan to use this in the ground basketball goal forever and they “will definitely create great memories in our home and we can’t want to have more fun outside!”

Our Goalsetter All-American hoop has 5" square one-piece steel pole with seven-gauge (3/16") wall thickness minimizes shake and aids in reducing wear and tear on joints of the system and provides a 3-foot extension from wall to front of backboard. The hoop also has a backboard that is 38" x 60" and mounted on an exclusive H-Frame design made of 1-1/2" structural steel tubing to provide precise and consistent ball response.

As demonstrated by JeriKay’s family, the installation process for the All-American hoop is simple and easy. The ground anchor hinge is an exclusive Goalsetter design that enables easy installation of the goal system without the use of scaffold or ladders, making it quick and easy to install. The in the ground basketball goal offers a corrosion-resistant paint process of one primer coat and two coats of baked on acrylic-enamel providing a high-gloss finish, making it an even more appealing basketball hoop for you at your home court. Like all Goalsetter basketball hoops, the All-American basketball goal is made in the United States of America with an unmatched lifetime warranty. Learn even more about this in ground basketball hoop at the link here. You can shop here or reach out to your local dealer now. Read JeriKay’s complete blog and review on the All-American basketball goal here.

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