Yard Guard

Item no. B2800W-2


  • REBOUNDS BALL BACK INTO COURT – Defensive Net System that Keeps Balls in the Court
  • INCREASES SAFETY – No More Chasing Balls into the Street or Landscaping (Does NOT Include Pole Pad)
  • MAXIMIZE COURT TIME – More Practice Time for Better Skill Retention
  • CLEAN, DISCREET STORAGE – Easily Folds Behind Pole for Storage
  • QUICK INSTALLATION – Easily installs on Goalrilla and Goalsetter Goal with a 5"x 5", 5.5"x5.5", 6"x6" or 6"x8" Pole (Important Exception: The Goalsetter Signature & Launch/Launch Pro Series are NOT Compatible with the Yard Guard)

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The Goalrilla Yard Guard is a defensive net system that installs on your basketball goal and keeps ball from bouncing out of the court. The Yard Guard protects your lawn and landscaping, allows players to have more efficient practice, and acts as a safety feature. This innovative accessory is built to last and will change the way you play basketball. The Goalrilla Yard Guard adds safety to your basketball system by keeping balls in the court, so players don't have to chase after them into the street. Usually after a missed shot, a player must chase after the ball, wasting valuable practice time. With the Rebounder Net, missed shots stay in the court, allowing the player to quickly retrieve the ball and try again for maximum repetition. The Yard Guard keeps stray balls out of the landscaping. Spanning over 12 feet wide and up to 9 feet tall, the Yard Guard is a significant barrier between your court and your yard. After using your basketball returner, the net and poles easily fold into a discreet storage position; simply gather the net and poles along the main pole of your Goalrilla system and clip them into place. Then when you are ready to play again, unclip the net and the basketball rebounder collapses into place in seconds. The basketball return net easily installs in minutes by attaching to the main pole of your basketball goal. Included brackets allow the basketball rebounder to fit Goalrilla and Goalsetter units with a 5"x 5", 5.5"x5.5", 6"x6" or 6"x8" pole (Important Exception: The Goalsetter Signature Series & Launch Pro/Launch Series are NOT compatible with the Yard Guard). Already have a Universal Pole Pad on your goal? The basketball ball return net also includes an adapter that allows you to keep your pole pad and use it at the same time. Goalrilla is known for outstanding performance and quality and this return netting is no exception. With steel poles and a nylon net, the basketball return net will stand up to years of play and will look great! The basketball return net comes with a 90-Day Limited Warranty. Once the basketball ball return net has been installed, you are still able to adjust the height of your basketball goal as usual. Whether you're playing at 7.5" or 10", the Goalrilla basketball rebounder offers the same benefits. Installed Dimensions Width: 153" (12.75 ft) Height: 9' (at Highest point) to 7' (at Lowest Point)

    1 Year Limited

Yard Guard

Recommended Accessories



Easily fold net behind pole for storage



Installs on Goalrilla and Goalsetter Goal with a 5" x 5", 5.5" x 6", 6" x 8" pole



Width: 153" Height: 9' (highest point) to 7' (lowest point)



When ready to use, unclip the net and rebounder collapses into place in seconds