Basketball Rim Pub Table

The Goalsetter Basketball Pub Table is the perfect addition to your sports den or family game room. Perfect for showing off your autographed basketball in high style, you can add your favorite college or high school team emblem to match your sports-themed décor.

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Internal Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism

Goalsetter's patented Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism is the feature that allows the rim height of your Goalsetter to raise and lower infinitely from 6' to 10'. Goalsetter's unique internal compression height adjustment provides a smooth, effortless adjustment with a simple turn of the height adjustment handle and is more efficient and safer than standard tension jack mechanisms used on other height-adjustable basketball systems.

Goalsetter also offers an External Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism that allows rim height adjustment from 6' to 10', as well as a Fixed Height Mechanism which does not allow height adjustment.

Height Indicator

The easy-to-read Rim height Indicator, located on the side of the mast, allows for easy rim height selection and verification.

Height Adjustment Handle

The removable Height Adjustment Handle and optional Keyed Pinlock allow your Goalsetter to be locked at any height.

Glass Backboard

Each Goalsetter Basketball System is equipped with our Exclusive 3/8" Competition, Fully-Tempered Glass Backboard. Built to withstand the toughest playing environments in all kinds of weather, the innovative design of the Goalsetter Glass Backboard combines unparalleled dynamic ball response with unequaled lifetime durability. Our Glass Backboards are NOT covered under our warranty when used in a non-residential setting.

Acrylic Backboard

For non-residential play, our 3/8" Acrylic Backboard is the way to go. The softer material of acrylic material allows it to handle even the toughest competition for schools, churches, parks, and apartment complexes. As an added bonus, these boards have the best UV inhibitors in the industry - no more fading white lines or cloudy backboards.

Heavy Duty Flex

This is our "standard" rim and most commonly chosen by our residential customers. This breakaway style rim has a single spring and deflects 15 degrees with 30 lbs. of down pressure. Equipped with continuous netlocks, the Heavy Duty Flex rim is more than sufficient for most residential play and carries a 2-year Limited Warranty.

Double Ring Static

The first and only unconditional lifetime replacement warranty on a basketball rim! This double 5/8" sold alloy steel rim construction makes it ideal for outdoor courts at park and recreation settings.

GS Collegiate

This competition breakaway rim features two springs allowing it to deflect 15 degrees with 130 lbs. of down pressure. Meets or exceeds High School and NCAA specifications for competitive play. This rim carries an Unconditional 1-year Warranty.

Pole pad options include solid color wrap-around and custom fitted pads as well as Collegiate Licensed pole pads.

Collegiate Pole Pads

You can view all collegiate options by going to our collegiate pole pad page and clicking on your favorite team!

Awning Crank Height Adjustment

Infinite rim height adjustment from 7' to 10'.

Awning crank detailGoalsetter's Awning Crank system is used for the GS48 and Elite Plus Series. Awning Crank Systems are a time-proven, economical, screw type adjustment mechanism.

The rim is raised by PUSHING the upper extension arm to the desired height. Raising and lowering the rim is not as easy because of the longer crank handle.

The Awning Crank Adjustment mechanism is also used for some Goalsetter wall-mount systems.

External Tension Height Adjustment

Infinite rim height adjustment from 6'8" to 10'.

External tension detailThe rim is raised by PULLING the lower extension arm to the desired height. The system is always "Under Stress" because of the constant pressure of the backboard's weight.

Goalsetter's Extreme Series Tension Height Adjustment mechanism is a rugged, high-quality system with the greatest adjustability range among similar height adjustment mechanisms used in the market by competitors.

The ultra-reliable system is used for the straight poles of Goalsetter's Extreme Series.

Internal Compression Height Adjustment

Infinite rim height adjustment from 6' to 10'.

Internal compression detailThe Patented Internal Compression Height Adjustment mechanism is exclusive to Goalsetter.

The rim is raised by PUSHING the lower extension arm to the desired height. This puts the system "At Rest", which reduces wear and tear.

The mechanism provides a smooth, effortless adjustment with a simple turn of the handle. For the Signature Series in-ground systems, the compression height adjustment mechanism is placed inside the offset pole. This eliminates pinch and grab points, making Goalsetter the safest goal system. The mechanism is also protected from the elements, for the greatest safety. The larger wall-mount systems use the same mechanism, with external placement.

Unsurpassed ease and safety for installation.
The most rock-solid foundation for a basketball hoop.

  • The Patented Hinged Ground Anchor is unrivaled in its ability to simplify hoop installation, dramatically improving ease and safety.
    • Two to three people can easily assemble the hoop.
    • Extension arms and backboard are attached to the pole without the use of ladders or scaffold.
  • With the Goalsetter 42" ground anchor, a larger volume of surface area is submerged in concrete than with competitiors' j-bolt anchor systems.
    • A more solid foundation is created.
  • Should you move, your Goalsetter system can move with you.
    • The hoop is simply removed and re-installed on a new hinged ground anchor.

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The Goalsetter Basketball Pub Table is 20" Wide x 38" High and is constructed with a welded steel base. The table frame is painted with a high gloss black & orange. There is some assembly required, basketball not included.

  • 18" x 3/8" Fully Tempered Glass Table Top
  • Overall Dimensions: 20" Wide x 38" High
  • Vinyl College or High School Mascot
  • Net is Included, Basketball is Not Included

You can now add your favorite College or High School team logo to your table. If you don’t see your team listed on the drop down menu, email us at or call 800.362.4625 to inquire about other team options available!

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How soon your Goalsetter will ship.

  • 3-5 business days (without collegiate or custom printing): This pub table is a custom product and should ship from Goalsetter via UPS Ground within 3-5 business days.
  • 7-10 business days (with printing of collegiate graphics shown on
  • Extra time may be required for special custom designs not shown on
  • 2-4 business days: Please allow 2-4 business days for transit time, after a side table leaves Goalsetter. Delivery times will vary according to the location of your shipping address.

For questions, please contact us.

  • For additional information pertaining to pole pad customization or shipping times.
  • In the unlikely event of freight damage during shipment, please contact Goalsetter IMMEDIATELY.
  • Our contact phone: 800.362.4625
  • Live Chat is available on our website from 7:30am to 4:30pm CST on weekdays.

Some assembly required.

  • Common wrenches are required for partial assembly.

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Basketball Rim Pub Table

Basketball Rim Pub Table

The Goalsetter Basketball Pub Table is the perfect addition to your sports den or family game room. Perfect for showing off your autographed basketball in high style, you can add your favorite college or high school team emblem to match your sports-themed décor.

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